Alex Wisniowski - Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002
Alex Wisniowski


Alex Wisniowski



Alex Wisniowski, Mr. Ontario Olympus Leather 2005, has held the previous title of Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002. He first became involved in the leather community in 1995 and has since helped to produce several Mr. Leather Ottawa contests. In 2005, he organized the first Ottawa Leather Fest, showcasing the Mr. and Ms. Ontario Olympus title. This pansexual event is open to the entire leather community.

Alex has been involved in the GLBT community in his city of Ottawa, Canada, since the mid-1970's. He was president of the Association of Lesbians, Transgendered, Gays and Bisexuals of Ottawa (ALTGBO). He has also coordinated volunteers and week's events for Ottawa's Pride festival. He has done a lot of volunteering and fundraising for seniors and for local AIDS-related charities. In 2001, he started the Great North American Wolf Society (GNAWS), a social group for people whose sexual energies peak during the full moon.

Alex has received several awards through the years. The three major awards are (1) Canada's top volunteering award, the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award (2002), (2) the Pantheon of Leather President's Award (2005), and more recently (3) a Lifetime Achievement Award from Capital Xtra, Ottawa's GLBT newspaper. Alex has also been nominated three times for the Pantheon of Leather Canadian Award. The Ottawa Knights, a leather and levi club, has also made Alex an honorary member for four years in a row.

History plays a big role in Alex's life. After his title year in 2002, he set out to film video documentaries about people in the leather community. To date, Alex has completed four documentaries: My Leather Jacket (2003), My Leather Jacket 2: More Stories from the Road (2004), Knight Life: Celebrating 30 Years with the Ottawa Knights (2005), and Sexy Leather Shorts (2005).

During his spare time, Alex enjoys SM play, as well as giving seminars on relationships and various aspects of SM play, especially clothespin, tit and wax play.

On September 17, 2005, Alex and his partner Paul celebrated their 24th anniversary by getting legally married.