Alex Wisniowski - Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002
Alex Wisniowski
Alex Wisniowski

“My Leather Jacket 2: More Stories from the Road”

Running time: 89 minutes

Written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by:
Alexander Henry Wisniowski
Original jokes by:
Alexander Henryk Wisniowski and Paul Leroux
Original art work by:
Alexander Henryk Wisniowski
Filmed on:
Sony Digital Hi 8
Transferred to:
Title photo: Taken at Leather Archives & Museum
Closing photo: My Back Yard
Closing song: "You Left Too Soon" (2004 version)
Written and sung by Louise Laurier (SOCAN)


In a recent edition of The Leather Journal, editor Dave Rhodes asked, "What defines a leather person?"

In the sequel to his first video documentary, "My Leather Jacket", director Alex Wisniowski takes to the road in search of the answer to this and other questions.

Going to various leather events in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, we meet both old and new leather title holders, leather leaders, and couples who do not fit traditional relationship roles.

We also find out why leather women have trouble finding a place for themselves in the leather community as a whole.

As we follow the director through the first six months of the leather year, one things becomes clear. We all owe a debt of gratitude to "those who, by being who they were, have made us who we are".

Alex Wisniowski
"My Leather Jacket 2:
More Stories from the Road"


Cast in alphabetical order:

Lizabeth Abate American Leathergirl 2004
N. Bergquist  
Tobin Britton  
Tim Brough  
Terry Brown American Leatherboy 2004
Paul Ciantar Canadian Leatherman 2004
Jim Cobb  
Rémi Collette Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2004
Connie Cox  
Schelli Dittman  
Ms.Tress Janice Ms. Leather Ottawa 2004
Jennifer "Babygrrl"  
D.S. Kloss International Mr. Leather 1979
Robert Napolitano American Leatherman 2004
Dean Ogren American Leatherman 2000
Master Scott Parker  
christina "slavette" parker  
John Pendal International Mr. Leather 2003
Joni Perrie International Ms. Leather 2001
Salvatore J. Perrone Mr. Empire State Leather 2003
Dave Rhodes Publisher/Editor, The Leather Journal
Robert and life partner Joanne Mr. Olympus Leather 2003
Jayne Schmid Canadian Leatherwoman 2004
Shameless Heart of America Leatherwoman 2000
Paula Smith American Leatherwoman 2000
pup sparkie  
Rick Storer Executive Director, Leather Archives & Museum
Storm American Leatherwoman 2004
William International Bootblack '94
Adrian Williams Cellblock Leatherman 2003
Hilary S. Napoleone Williams